Hello, how are you all? My name is Anindya Chakravorty (Ani). I am from India. I am the founder of Triple Shark. I have over 4+ years of experience with Web design and Development, Digital marketing field, Responsive design, CSS frameworks, UI design, WordPress(CMS), Front and Back end development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Local Search Optimization.

 Highlighted skills: Responsive design | Modern Design | Web development | WordPress Development | Landing page | SEO | Digital Marketing | Mobile SEO | Social Media Optimization | More

More about Anindya

I am very straightforward and professional. I love to play with coding and web technology and marketing strategies. I always like helping others and talking to others.

 I like to write something that I know today or something new. Every day I spend 10 to 12 hours on the Internet, spending 8 hours on my full-time freelancing job and the remaining 3 to 4 hours writing articles on my favorite blog.

I love playing cricket, but I do not have enough time for that J

Education :

I graduated in Computer Application (BCA) 2015 from Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU). Ever since I was a second-semester student, I have learned about freelancing, and then I started gaining freelancing skills.

I started as a Frontend developer at Fiverr, and I added stars to my skills day by day. Now I am a full stack developer and digital marketing expert.

Triple Shark is a technology blog created by many bloggers. In November 2019, I started my blog. The primary focus of this blog is to provide free information in the field of web and marketing such as web development, web design, SEO, marketing, freelancing, online make money.

Let’s talk about my profile:

Now I am working as a professional developer and internet marketer. I am improving my skills because I want to be more expert in this field. And would like to work for more top-rated companies.

Now I work as a freelancer web developer at Top Marketplace Fiverr & Upwork.


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