Tripe shark using these blogging tools

Do you want to know what blogging tools I use for my Blog? In this article, I am going to share the best blogging tools that I use for my Blog.

If you are a new blogger and wondering how to start a blog and what tools to use for a blog, then follow my simple list of tools that I use for my WordPress blog. 

My list is concise. It’s just full of tools that I use precisely for my site. My personal experience with these tools is quite good. I recommend using these tools to start your blogging journey.

Best blogging tools for storage and appearance

Web hosting: it is a foundation of any blog or website. It would be best if you choose better hosting for your Blog; otherwise, Google will push your content to the bottom of every search. A poor hosting server can damage your Blog also for not having security. 

You should care your Blog looks like a baby. So I recommend using top-level hosting for your Blog.

Triple Shark currently hosts on Dreamhost. Some best hosting company with offer bellow.

Dreamhost offer  Bluehost offer  A2hosting offer

Website theme: If you walk down the street wearing a good dress, everyone will look at you. A website theme is the same as a good dress for your website.

A good theme not only attracts your visitor but also improves your site’s internal security. 

SEO optimize theme can improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So I recommend using SEO Optimize Responsive theme for your Blog. 

Currently, Triple Shark is using a custom theme. Our theme will be in the store soon. If you want a custom theme, you can contact us.

Contact us

Best blogging tools for speed optimization

WP Rocket: Website speed is a crucial factor rank a website into Google search and improves user experience. 

If you use WordPress for your Blog, there are plenty of free premium plugins available to improve your website speed. Anyway, all the plugins are not useful.

If you like your Blog and want to improve your rank, I suggest going with Wp Rocket.

Currently, Triple Shark is using WP Rocket as a blog speed optimization tool.

WP Rocket

Imagify: image can decrease your site speed if you don’t optimize it properly. If you are not a WordPress user, it is challenging to optimize images one by one through image optimization tools.

WordPress has many plugins to optimize images. It is impossible to say whether all plugins work well.

Triple Shark currently using Imagify, and it works well for us. 


Best blogging tools for SEO

On-page optimization: on-page optimization is a very crucial part of any website or Blog. If you don’t work well on this part, it would be hard to achieve your goal.

WordPress has a bunch of free and premium plugin for on-page SEO, like Yoast, All in one SEO, Rank math plugin.

Triple Shark using Rank Math for on-page optimization. It’s an advanced SEO plugin and working well.

Rank Math Yoast

Keyword Research: When you are doing on-page optimization, you need to work on keywords. It helps your site reaches to your user.

 A perfect keyword can give you millions of organic traffics. To get an ideal keyword, you need to take help with all the free and premium tools. 

 Triple Shark using ahrefs, semrush, keyword tool, keyword planner

Ahrefs 7 days free Semrush 7 days free

Best blogging tools for content creation

Content creation: content is food for your respective users. If you write well, your blog posts engagement would be high. 

No matter how flawless writer you are, if you want to write a great SEO, optimize the content, you need to take the help of the blog content writing tools.

Triple Shark is using the title-maker, Hemingway app, Grammarly.

Grammarly  Hemingway app  Title-maker

Best blogging tools for marketing

Marketing: marketing is one of the essential things for the business. Suppose you spend a lot of time create an informative blog post but did not market it. Then there is no value of the informative content.

 For now, triple shark using a few blogging tools for marketing content. 

Email marketing: Mailchimp

Social media marketing: Easy social share  Buffer


So these are the blogging tools currently using triple Shark, and all are performing well for us.

If you are interested in the tools, you can check it out. 

Disclosure: If you purchase any blogging tool using our referral links, we will receive a small commission. For that, you do not have to spend any extra money on this.

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