Fiverr Vs Upwork – Tips to avoid failure in hiring a freelancer

Are you looking for a freelancer to skyrocket your business and have no idea where to find them?

I am a freelancer buyer and seller and have been doing this for over 5 years. In this Fiverr vs Upwork article, I will share my experience that will help you find a good freelancer for your business.

So in this Fiverr vs Upwork article, I will cover which is a better marketplace according to your budget. This will help you find the right freelancer from the right market. Hope you enjoy reading this article.

Before you hire a freelancer from anywhere in the online market, you need to know what freelancing is and what a freelancer is.

When a business owner or someone else is looking for someone to work for their company or for personal work, this process is called freelancing and the person who is assigned to do the specific job is called a freelancer. This is the basic idea of ​​freelancing and freelancer.

Why you chose freelancers for your business?

If you are a business owner and want to take your business to the next level with less investment, freelancers will be your first choice. You can save a lot of money by working with freelancers.

Freelancers do more work than your regular employees. Regular employees spend 8 hours in the office but work 5 to 6 hours and you have to pay them 8 hours. If you hire a freelancer, you have to pay them, depending on their working hours.

If you are thinking of starting a billionaire company, you can start it from your home. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. You can start your business from home, no need to rent for your office space. Nowadays many business owners are doing this and saving their office rent.

If you go with a freelancer, you will save a lot of time and you will be more flexible. You can use your time for different tasks.

An expert freelancer can finish any task at your deadline because each marketplace, such as Upwork and Fiverr, has its own set of conditions for freelancers.If they have not finished their work within time, they may face problems. So getting the job done on time is not impossible.

Freelancers are running their own businesses. They never want to lose their clients by doing sluggish work. They know that if they receive negative feedback from a buyer, it will impact their business. Because of this, It has a higher probability of getting quality work at a less expenditure.


Let’s talk about marketplace

The Marketplace is like an offline shop. When we need to buy something we go to the store just as we need to do some digital work online then we have to go to the freelancer marketplaces. A wide range of trusted freelancers are available,to work with us.

If you search Google about the freelancing marketplace you will find a bunch of sites but not all are good. In this article, I will cover the top two sites and compare them. That’s why I took fiverr & upwork. Both are top quality freelancing marketplace. Let us compare Fiverr vs Upwork.

Company details

Fiverr International Ltd.

online marketplace

Fiverr is an Israel-based online marketplace for freelancers and provides services worldwide. It was founded on February 1, 2010, when it debuted, no one took it seriously (I know this market from 2010 and I was one of them). There were a few gigs per section and the price was $5. Now Fiverr is the largest competitor of any online freelancer marketplace.

From 2010 to 2014 they have not changed their system at all, but after 2014 they start changing their system and are still changing. Now you can easily find the services you want, in just a few clicks.

When they started Fiverr Pro, they saw the biggest changes in their economy. Gradually, they made further changes to stay ahead of the competition with other marketplaces; they launch lean from Fiverr,, Fiverr Studio to provide extra service to users.

Fiverr has an affordable option with all the gigs. You will see the same service at a different price. You can easily choose the service according to your budget.

Upwork Global Inc.

upwork marketplace

Upwork Story differs totally from Fiverr. It is formerly known as Elance–oDesk. Elance was started by Beerud Sheth, Srini Anumolu and Sanjay Noronha in 1999. oDesk started by Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis 2003.

18 December 2013 Elance and oDesk merger to create a new company called Elance – oDesk.

Finally, 2015 Upwork starts its journey on the oDesk platform and announces that the Elance platform would be closed within a couple of years.

Upwork vs Fiverr Besic Comparison

Number of registered User14 million ( million (
Apps for AndroidYesYes
Downloads1.5 million (playstore)15k (Playstore)
Customer Rating4.5 start3 star
Alexa Ranking147 (Nov 2019)410 (Nov 2019)
Area servedWorldwideWorldwide

Fiverr vs Upwork Category

Fiverr and Upwork offer a number of categories on their website. Both websites provide digital services. If you are looking for a freelancer for digital work such as website development, marketing, application development and more, you can definitely get your freelancer within minutes from these marketplaces.

Why would you find out?

The reason behind this is that, under each Fiverr categories you will see thousands of beginners to advance freelancers.

Unlike the upwork system, in the search box, you have to search for the job-related freelancer name or the keywords associated with the job. then, you’ll see the filtered freelancer on your screen.

The two marketplaces have expanded their category into main categories and subcategories. It helps enough to filter out freelancers regarding targeted services.

Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is much easier than upwork. There are two types of ways to find a freelancer. If you are a registered user, log in to your account and then you will see a list of parent categories under the top navigation. Also, you can use the search bar.

fiverr category

If you search for the service in the search bar, Fiverr will show you thousands of gigs related to your service. Fiverr offers a number of tools to get an accurate result that you need to use the filter bar at the top of the search results.

There you will see 8 types of filter. Like category, service options, seller details, delivery time, Budget, pro service, online seller, short by.

Let’s talk about the details of the Fiverr filters

Category: The purpose of the category filter is to show you all the categories related to your service. You can select one of them. This will show you more accurate results.

Service Option: The service options show a lot of skills. It is almost impossible to lose your service-related skills. Now select your service-related skills from the drop-down. This will show you more accurate results.

Seller details: This is an amazing option. This will help you select the gigs that depend on the buyer experience. You can easily filter experienced gigs from all the gigs. There are many other options you can filter for freelancer countries, languages as well.

Delivery time: This is an important tool. This filter will help you select the gigs depending on your delivery time. As a buyer, I like this filter because many times a day we need to finish many projects. So this option helps us find the gig based on our delivery time.

Budget: it’s a big matter to start any project. You can easily filter gig as per your budget.

Pro service: Fiverr recently launched this service. This is a good option for those who want to spend money to get good results. Sometimes we make the mistake of picking the right freelancer and we waste time and money. With this in mind, the Fiverr Pro service was launched.

 Hire a Pro Seller From Fiverr

If you hire a pro seller, you will feel like an agency service. Fiverr has lots of rules for pro sellers. They do not allow all gigs for this category. Fiverr selects some of the gigs themselves for their Pro Services category.

Online seller: I think this option is only available in the Fiverr Marketplace. This is a good option for the buyer. Sometimes we message the seller but we get a response after a few hours but this option helps us talk to the sellers who are currently online. It saves us a lot of time. We can talk to the seller immediately.

Short by: In short, this is a useful option in this marketplace as this option helps you find the gig that has the best experience with the buyers. You can use this filter if you want to give a new seller a chance or hire an experienced seller.

I hope you’ve finally selected your gig for your service. Next, open the gig and read everything in the gig details. Under Gig Details, you will see the About Seller section. You can talk to the seller before placing an order, just click the contact button it will redirect you to the dialog box. Now you can talk to your seller.

Depending on the gig details and seller information you can order. To the right of the gig details, you will see the gig packages. Select the package and place the order. My recommendation is that you speak to the seller first and then place an order.

The other gig selection method is the same, but we have to start with the parent section under our main navigation.

Another gig section method is the same, but we need to start it from the Parent category section under the main navigation. This type of gig selection does not require us to use the search bar but other processes are the same.

Hire a Freelancer On Upwork

To hire a freelancer in Upwork, you need to register as a client in Upwork. There are two options like Fiverr. You can see the search bar in the navigation bar and the other is the main categories under the main navigation.

fiverr vs upworks

If you want to go with the search bar, type the word related to the service in the search bar or the name of a freelancer you know personally. Upwork will show you the perfect match result in a few moments.

If you want to get a more accurate result, then you need to click the filters option. You will see 10 filters in the drop-down like Earned amount, Job Success, Hourly Rate, Hours billed, Category, English level, Talent Type, Last Activity.


Earned amount: This option helps you determine how many dollars you want to rent for a freelancer. In fact, the categories of these options depend on the earnings of freelancers. It was ranked first by top-level freelancers.

Job Success: This option helps you understand the freelancer’s ability to complete work. You can use it to select a freelancer to suit your project needs.

Hourly Rate: It shows a freelance hourly rate. You can select it according to your budget. It helps to understand freelancer quality. A top quality freelance charges an average of $ 30 to $ 60 per hour.

Hours billed: This is another useful filter for the buyer. You can use this filter to easily understand the freelancer experience. A top-quality freelancer will have a lot more work experience than a new freelancer.

Category: This is a common option for every marketplace. You can filter the freelancer according to your project category. All categories will appear here. You will need to select your relevant category from there.

English level: This is an important option. When we hire a freelancer, we are confused about what he does not know English. We can choose a freelancer who knows proper English using this filter.

 Talent Type: It helps us identify agencies and individual freelancers. We can easily select the right team or person using this filter.

Last Activity: This is an important factor in choosing an active freelancer in the marketplace. There are lots of registrar freelancers in the upwork but some of them login once a month or once a week, but you can easily find a regular freelancer using this filter option.

Location: You can group them by a country using this filter option.

Language: You can group them by language using this filter option.

I hope you chose the right freelancer in Upwork. Now open their profile and read the details and other information to review other clients’ reviews, ratings. If you think this freelancer is a good fit for your project, contact him and hire him for your project.

how to hire a freelancer creating a job post

Let’s talk about another way to hire a freelancer in Upwork. You have a project and are ready to hire a freelancer. You have chosen the upwork marketplace to hire your freelancer and you do not know how to create a job post and how to hire a freelancer.

In this section, I’m going to discuss how you can create a job post and hire the right freelancer for your project.

Start from the client dashboard, it’s a panel where you can check everything pending posts, publish posts, active contracts. If you are a member of a team, you can track the real-time activity of your team.

How to write a job post

Each time you create a new job post or you are a member of an existing team, you can reuse previous job data. Before you create a new job post, you need to know the project details, an overview, and project-related skills.

Create a Post title: It is important to create interesting post titles. The title of the post can help you reach the right freelancer. Your title needs to cover your needs. First of all top-quality freelancers see the title then click on the description.

Create Post description: This section will help you catch the freelancer’s attention; you need to write down the project details carefully and highlight all the major parts of the project.

Add all the skills needed for this project. You can attach project-related files. The description should be 100 characters or more in order to get a good response from the freelancer.

Job Details: This section collects additional information regarding the project. This helps freelancers get a better understanding of the project. You can also add screening questions. This will help you filter your freelancer faster.

Expertise: Choosing a skill is most important for reaching skilled freelancers. You need to select the right skills related to the project. Sufficient three to five skills for a project.

Visibility: Upwork gives you filter options in this section. You can add some functions to your job post. This will help you filter between an individual or an agency, location, high job success score or low job success score.

Budget: You can easily set your budget in upwork because upwork offers two types of payment systems per hour and fixed price. You have to set it up carefully, depending on the project.

Hourly: You have to pay freelancers on an hourly basis. Here you have to rate hourly in the payment section and also select the level of freelancer.

Fixed price: You have to pay after you finish work or with a milestone. The payments you need to put your fixed price rate on the payment section and also select the level of the freelancer.

Review and publish: This is the last step by which you are ready to publish your work post on Upwork. You will publish your work when all the information is reviewed. It will take up to 15 minutes for your job to appear in the project list.

When job postings are available for bidding, freelancers will start bidding. In a few minutes, you will see in your dashboard that many freelancers are ready to work on your project.

You can communicate with all the freelancers who bid on your project and select one of them and send an offer to the freelancer and hire for your project.

Fiverr vs Upwork freelancer profile verification tricks

We need to take care of a lot of things before we pick a stranger for our project. First, we need to examine their profiles in the market. This will give you a clear idea about the freelancer.

Fiverr Profile Verification

In the case of Fiverr, we need to first click on the selected gig and open the gig details and there you will find the About Seller section. Click on the seller’s name. This will redirect you to the user’s profile page. On the left side, you will see all the information about the freelancer and the gig on the right. Now you have to Examine the freelancer information carefully.

First, you need to check that there is a suitable profile image. Next, go to the profile details and social media and check. Check the next part if everything is fine. The next important area is user reviews. You need to properly test the top 10 to 20 reviews. This will give you a clear idea about the freelancer.

Fiverr recently added a test system for freelancers. If the freelancer has added any test related to his service, this will be a plus point for you.

If you are not interested to spend a lot of time to inspect the freelancer profile, then you can purchase from Fiverr Pro. It’s 100% secure.

Upwork Profile Verification

In the case of Upwork, first of all, you need to open the Upwork freelancer profile and check the job success score percentage if the percentage above 80% then good.

Next, how many hours he worked and how many projects he completed. Examine the next client response. That’s enough to get an idea about a freelancer.

UpWork has a Verified system such as Fiverr Pro. The verified badge Shows after the freelancer’s name. Verifying means the freelancer has submitted its official ID to Upwork and it has been approved. You are interviewed by upwork on a video call to identify a real or fake person.

Fiverr vs Upwork dispute system

The Fiverr dispute system is fully automatic. You can easily solve order problems on your own you do not need the help of any fiverr staff. Personally, I like this system. When you click the resolution center on the right side of the order page, it will display a list. You need to select one of them and proceed. This will work depending on your selection.

Suppose you have selected and canceled an order, it will inform the seller of the order you have canceled. The seller has 48 hours to accept or reject the order. If the seller does not respond to this cancellation, it will automatically cancel the order within 48 hours and return the money to the client.

Upwork dispute system differs from Fever. If you would like to cancel the order or discuss any issues with the order being delivered, you should seek mediation assistance.

First, you need to open a case related to your order and wait for the mediation response. Mediation decision making depends on the communication and work diary of both parties.

 Fiverr vs Upwork  fees Compare

All marketplaces are operating under a commission system. Fever and Upwork charges a 20% fee from the completed project.

Suppose you order $ 100, Fiverr will take 20% off and pay $ 80 in freelancer.

The story of Upwork is a bit different. Suppose you have placed $ 1000 in order from $ 500 up work will charge a 20% fee and the next $ 500 will incur a 10% fee.

Personal Experience in both marketplace

I’m using Fiverr and Upwork to outsource my works. There are a number of experienced freelancers available here to finish my job well. I use all the methods described in this post to choose the perfect freelance from the marketplace.

If you have a small budget and want to get things done quickly, I would suggest using Fiverr. Now you can use Fiverr Pro for larger projects. You can also use upwork for a larger or smaller project.

I always complete my small and medium-range project through Fiverr because I get a good deal from Fever Freelancers for this type of project and they give their best in this project.

If you want quality work from upwork, you need to set a minimum of $ 1000 on your budget. All upwork freelancers are highly experienced. Depending on the cost of the project they worked on.

I hope I had covered everything related to Fiverr & Upwork. Now you have to decide which one is best for you.

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