Guaranteed Top 7 quiet places for freelancer work remotely

It’s a dream for every freelancer that we have a home office, and from there, I will work for my clients.

But who are freelancers and working on this profession, they know how lonely it is.

Not only this, there is a lot of noise like family discussion, TV, mixer grander it does not help you to focus on work.

That’s why sometimes we need to change our workplace or find the best places to work remotely near me to increase our productivity.

We have a lot of quiet places around us to work without my favorite home office, but we need to find out them.

15 things we should carry when we work remotely

To take advantage of work from outside should carry some essential things. Here is an excellent list of tools that you don’t forget to carry.

  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Power bank
  • Personal Internet Dongle
  • External keyboard Mouse
  • External hard disk
  • Personal Mobile
  • Portable work table and chair
  • To-do list
  • Pen
  • Dress
  • Personal Coffee cup
  • Dry food
  • Chocolate
  • Water bottle

Let’s explore the best places to work remotely

There is a lot of place for working outside my home office, but all are not good.

For example – if you think my friend working well from his home office and decided to go there and work from his home office. It will never give you a result. You will feel like your home office because of the environment.

Now we are going to explore the best places that are quiet and productive for freelancers.


Co-working Space

coworking space

Co-working space is the best place to work for freelancers. It’s a premium service provided by other company.

You need to pay monthly fees to access the space. If you are a new freelancer, you can avoid it, or if you afforded to pay an hourly rate or a day rate, then some company provides day or hourly bases space on rent.

Let’s talk about why it productive? First of all, we should know that productivity can come from different angel maybe that is a small cup of coffee or can be fresh air or work environments or meet with the same niche worker.

Co-working space provides the entire thing in one place (Not for all cases). That’s why it’s productive. And when you work remotely, then it’s cherry on the cake.

Google can help you find co-working spaces near you. Or you can use It’s a great website to find some best places for work.

Home Garden

home garden

If you are a home lover and doesn’t want to go outside. Then the home garden is another right place to work remotely without your home office.

According to science, fresh air always helpful improves work performance, and the garden is the best source for fresh air.

A home garden is always detached from the main building so you will never irritate from house noises.

Although, don’t need to carry the entire necessary thing afar and don’t pay for anything. You can access your home wifi. This is the free best place with wifi access for freelancers.

Local Library

Local Library

The local library is another quiet Place for Remote Workers. Any freelancer can use this place. It’s a safe and quiet place, and anyone can concentrate on the work.

Some library provides a membership plan with some extraordinary features, like a private cabin, high-speed internet, and special books and more.

If you feel annoyed working time, you can walk to the library or pick up a book and read it.

Personal Car

personal car

Car, yes, the private car is another best place to work remotely. If your bag packed with all the essential equipment, then you are ready to go.

Find a solitary area near you and stand the car. Start your work inside the car, some time you can work outside of the car.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop

If you are a coffee lover and work outside for a few hours, the Coffee Shop will be a cool place near you.

Coffee helps you improve your work activities. You need to buy coffee while you’re at the store.

If you want to work, avoid busy shop hours. Otherwise you will not be able to focus on your work.

Each store offers free high speed WiFi. It’s enough to work remotely.

Not all shops allow you to book a seat for long hours. If you want to stay more, you have to pay extra. But you can buy membership plans with added benefits.

Room Rent

room rent

Those who are doing well through freelancing. This option is perfect for them. You can find a good and quiet house and rent it.

Before you take it on rent, you need to make sure some essential things like high-speed internet, Electricity, water supply, bed, balcony access.

Room rent sounds like odd, but, indeed, you will never miss out your concentration from work.



When you are traveling, hotels are best places done work remotely. You will get all the futures like a home without any scurry.

Almost all the hotels provide free wifi that’s enough to do freelance work remotely.

Before you select any hotel, make sure all the service that is needed to do your freelance work.

These are the best place to work remotely as a freelancer. If I miss any ideal space in my list then please comment with your place name. I will add on the list.

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